Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lip Products Addict tag!

Bonjour everyone

! I saw this video on Amelia Liana's channel of the Lip Product addict tag she did with Essiebutton and I really enjoyed watching it. I always considered myself an eyeliner addict until I looked through my collection and saw that I have quite a lot of lip products in my collection!

P.S - In the first picture I have Essie 'Snap Happy' Nail Polish on and in the rest of the pictures, I have Nails Inc 'Elizabeth Street' Nail Polish on 

Time for the tag!

Favourite balm/treatment?

Nuxe RĂªve de Miel! Oh my god this stuff is amazing! It dries semi-matte so you can wear your lipstick straight over it and its great to wear before you go to bed so that you can wake up with soft, hydrated lips. Although the name suggests it has honey in it which I don't like at all, it doesn't smell like honey.

Best eye-catching red?

Probably Illamasqua Sangers or a cheaper one would be Marks and Spencer's lipstick in Red (in the picture). I don't like matte lipsticks and these aren't matte or sheer but a nice satin finish which I prefer. 

Best luxury and best drugstore?

I can't really say for luxury because I have never tried a YSL, Chanel, Tom Ford etc lipstick! I'm a broke student and can't afford that stuff! For drugstore, I haven't tried a lot of lipsticks because I quite like an opaque gloss but I really like Maybelline or Seventeen.

Best MAC lipstick?

I have quite a lot of MAC lipsticks! I think it was just a novelty factor when I was in high school having Mac lipsticks when no one else knew about Mac and I thought I was so great haha. My top 2 are Fanfare (right) and Hot Gossip (left)!

The most disappointing?

Mac Russian Red! Everyone loves it, I hate it! I don't really like matte finishes as I already have dry lips but there's something about Russian Red, it dries the life out of your lips and its really uncomfortable to wear. I wore this to my from in 5th year of high school and I couldn't wait to take it off!

Lip liner yes or no?

Yes and no! On a day to day basis I don't wear lip liner really but if I'm going out, I'll wear a lip liner all over the lips so that if my lipstick comes off, I have lip liner under so I don't need to touch up as often. My favourite lip liners are the ones by NYX which are very inexpensive!

Best gloss?

Here we go! I love the;
 Rimmel Apocalips 
Mac Lipglass 
Mac cremesheen glass 
Bobbi brown lipgloss  (Petal is so flattering on the lips)
Natural Collections lipglosses were the first ones I bought and still love them!

Something extra?

It's official - I am a lip product addict!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I tag everyone to do it! Thank you to Amelia Liana and Essiebutton for creating this tag.

Au Revoir ♥

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