Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fashion Faux-Pas!!

Bonjour lovelies!

Today's post will be a fashion post and the terrible faux-pas that have been prevalent in the fashion world for a while now but more so in the last few weeks. These faux-pas are none other than...


I'm disgusted. So is Becca. So are our friends.

So I will show off these wonderfully incorrect/grammatically wrong pieces of clothing and give a mini French lesson in the process.

Exhibit 1: Topshop
Beau Fleur? Since when was "Fleur" masculine? Fleur = Feminine
It should be: BELLE Fleur

Exhibit 2: New Look

Ah the classic mistake of agreement. Amie = Feminine, Mon = Masculine, how does that work? It doesn't! The correct way of saying "my friend" is "mon ami" however that is more for friends that are guys. I have checked and "mon amie" is correct in a way as it would be difficult to say "Ma Amie" but why not include it!

Exhibit 3: River Island

Oh dear I can't believe I used to work here! "Mon Belle" "Ma Belle" "Belle" is feminine so the possessive adjective needs to agree with "Belle" so in this case, the possessive adjective would be "Ma" and not "Mon"

Exhibit 4: New Look (again!)

Selfié? What is that supposed to be because it isn't a selfie! "Selfié" is pronounced "sel-fi-ay" so the correct way of trying to say selfie is just "sel-fie" Why do shops like ruining the beautiful language that is French?

Exhibit 5: Sincerely Jules 

I saw this on Instagram this morning and nearly cried. "Célfie?" What is a "Célfie" Ah, another failed attempt at SELFIE! In French, the "C" remains a hard sound so explain to me what a "kayl-fie" is?!

And that is the end of my fashion faux-pas post. I hear that there is a correctly spelt t-shirt saying Bonjour in Forever21 just now and H&M has grammatically correct French inspired t-shirts at the moment incase anyone would like to buy one but not have one that isn't right!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Ciao Ciao ♥