Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Makeup Wishlist!

Bonjour lovelies!

I was this kind of post on NikkiTutorials website and from there I seriously thought about all of the makeup I really want but can't afford (broke student problems!). Here comes the list...

  • More Nars blushes - I already have a few; Orgasm, Coeur Battant, Cactus Flower and Taj Mahal but I have my eye on Sin and a few others.
  •  Mac Posey Cream Blush - I seen this in Mac a few weeks ago and I knew that I wanted this but Becca wouldn't let me...
  •  Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes - I've heard lots about these blushes and I was unsure whether I would like them or not but when I was them in makeup tutorials being used I wanted them!
  •  Tarte Blushes - Tarte isn't available in the UK and I always see these blushes and get jealous!
  • More Mac pigments - I already have Vanilla, Melon, Cornflower (discontinued) and Rose but I want more! You can never have enough pigments...
  •  Artist of Makeup Eyeshadows - I have a few eyeshadows (Blake Smoke, Figtorious and Bella) and they are very pigmented so of course I'd want more!
And now for some more affordable products that I'm desperate for! 

  • Kiko Makeup - Kiko isn't available in stores in the Scotland and I know I can buy it online but I'd like to see the products in person before purchasing.
  •  NYX round lipsticks - NYX is available in the UK in Next stores but the full range isn't there. I checked a few days ago and only the matte lipsticks were available so online will have to do :( 
  • NYX blushes - a limited range of blushes are available in the UK and I have a few already (Mauve, Taupe and Peach) but I've had my eye on Cinnamon for a while but it isn't available in stores.
That's the end of my wish list so far! If I have more products I want I'll add them. I don't know when I'll buy all of these products... My birthday is next month so I might ask for a few of these products as gifts! What is on you wish list? And why would you like it so much?

Au Revoir <3

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