Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stand Out Sunday - Mac Mulch eyeshadow

Bonjour lovelies!

I like the concept of having a stand out product to rave about and why not do it on a Sunday where I've had the whole week to use it if it is a new product. I don't think I will do this every Sunday but whenever I have a product I really want to share with you all then I will post it on a Sunday.

This week is Mac Mulch eyeshadow. I bought this in duty free back in September when I was filling up my neutrals palette and convincing myself that shopping in duty free means that I am not spending  as much money as I normally would (even though I bought more than I normally would!) and Mulch was a shadow I got for the sake of buying because I'd heard of it from watching Pixiwoo. Now, every time I go into Mac and look at eyeshadows I find myself constantly picking up Mulch to buy but then realising that I already have it!

It is a gorgeous shimmery dark taupe coloured eyeshadow. It isn't too shimmery so I like to wear it all over the lid and if I feel like it, I will out something in the crease but I normally don't. It is perfect for everyday wear if you like to wear slightly darker eyeshadows over the lid and it is so easy to work with as it makes an impact all over the lid alone with some eyeliner and mascara. I'm sure I've skipped the eyeliner (very unlike me!) and just worn it with mascara.

I've got some pictured saved but my ipad has this thing against me uploading pics so I will post them on my Instagram account and post them here when I can!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you like these types of blog posts. What are your stand out products this week? Let me know in the comments!

Mulch can be purchased HERE or at your local Mac counter

Au Revoir <3

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