Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bilingual Tag!

Bonjour lovelies!

I recently discovered the Get Germanized channel on Youtube and I'm in love! I was the bilingual tag and thought I would do it as I am bilingual!

1. What languages do you speak?

I speak English, French and Italian

2. Would you say you are fluent in both?

I'm fluent in English, almost fluent in French and studying beginners Italian at uni so not fluent in Italian yet

3. Did you grow up speaking both languages?

I grew up speaking Engish, started learning French in primary school and have continued it to university level and started studying Italian in September last year

4. Which language do you prefer and why?

I'm not sure... I love all 3 but French comes in handy to help me with Italian

5. Which language do you speak in mostly?

English firstly as I speak it on a day to day basis then French then Italian

6. What's your favorite word in your second language?

Extra-Lucide* hahaha (ill put a reason why I named my blog this at the end)

7. What's the translation of that word in your first language?

Extra clear or extra bright!

8. When do you most often use your second language?

At university

9. Do you prefer watching movies dubbed in your first or second language?

Both! But I like English films in English and French films in French but I use English subtitles for French films

10. Literally translate your favourite expression/phrase from your second language into your first.

Je sais que ce qui ne tue pas nous rend plus fort = i know what doesnt kill us makes us stronger (i think) (yes, my inspiration comes from french songs! kyo - je saigne encore)

11. Do you code-switch? (Switch from one language to another in the middle of or after a sentence)
Not always... I have on occasion written French words in English essays though!!

12. Did being bilingual make school harder or easier for you?

Well I learned French in primary school so not really but I understood languages so quickly easily that I suppose school did get easier as time went on

13. What advice would you give someone who wants to become bilingual?

Dont give up! I understand that learning a language can suck sometimes as no one likes grammar (apart from me) and it is a long and difficult process but think of the benefits at the end of the learning process!

14. How does being bilingual benefit you nowadays?

Knowing French has helped me learn the amount of Italian I know just now a lot easily as the grammar and vocabulary is pretty similar!

15. Do you have more friends that speak your first or second language?

Yes! Becca from Cookies and Sparkles - we go to uni together, are awesome people and we both have beauty blogs! I have loads of friends at uni who either do the same course as me (BA Hons French and Italian) or similar courses to me aswell

16. What language would you take up next?

Well I tried German as I LOVE Tokio Hotel (german band) but that kind of failed but now that I've discovered Dominik's videos, the learning process may be easier! But before German i might as well nail Spanish as it is quite similar to French and Italian so it will be easier to learn!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope it gave you a little insight into my life. I will probably do a FAQ type of post and ive recently considered doing posts to teach people French if anyone is interested!

Merci à tous et au revoir!

Sabah ♥

*Extra-Lucide is a song and album by the French rapper Disiz or previously known as Disiz la Peste. Extra-Lucide is one of my favourite songs along side Mon Amour so I decided to name my blog Extra-Lucide and I hope my posts make beauty/fashion extra clear and helpful to those who are struggling!

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